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Mindful and White: Developing Racial Awareness for White People

Kat is guest teaching on Feb 19th

This three week class uses key teachings of the Buddha to look at racial conditioning and interlocking systems of oppression with the intention to transform white supremacy from the inside out.

The Buddha gave clear instructions that guide us to look at harm, internally and externally, as we seek to undo racism in our hearts and the world. With dharma talks, reflection, embodied practices and mutual support, we will build a shared understanding of our commitment as white dharma practitioners in the US to facing the suffering of racism.

This class is for self-identified white people. Please inquire with any questions to Amanda at

Please register here.

This class series will be followed by a Daylong on March 9 with Arinna Weismann, Eugene Cash, and Howard Cohn.

*This program is meant as one opportunity for those of us who are white to explore our own conditioning in order to increase our capacity and develop our skills to support these communities in our sangha and to eventually be able to hold space for affinity groups of marginalized communities, including POC.